Convenient, Quality Day Care  ( Shots Required )

Shopping or going away for the day, find peace of mind knowing the professionals from Poplar Forest are here to help. Our facility offers convenient pet day care services.


Due to fun-filled interactions with other animals, pet day care has grown in popularity. At Poplar Forest, we offer this convenient service to pet owners in need of someone to cater to their companion's needs for a short time.


Simply drop off your pet during our regular morning hours, and we'll provide them with personal attention. Once the day is over, you can pick up your canine during our afternoon hours.


Amenities for Your Pets

  • Climate controlled environment
  • Daily distribution of treats upon request 
  • Covered outdoor runs that provide shade & shelter from weather
  • Spacious runs
  • Baths and nail clipping available upon request
  • Music / movies playing to create those familiar "homey" sounds
  • A low stress, easy going atmosphere


        Each climate controlled run is cleaned daily (or more if necessary) to ensure your pet a healthy & happy         stay.

        Your pets stay includes bedding, toys & treats, but please feel free to bring anything you’d like from home         to make your pal more comfortable.

        We can cater to any special dietary needs. We use stainless steel bowls that are sanitized after each         feeding.

        Each dog is let out to go to the bathroom and exercise at least 4 times each day, or more as needed.

        Your pet will be walked outside on a leash for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. Additional play time         throughout the day includes playing with toys and running free in the open play area with the kennel         attendant.



We do not have an open playtime where dogs interact with other dogs that are being boarded. We want to avoid any dogs or staff being harmed by pets that may not get along. The only exception would be more than one dog from the same home, who are used to one another. A special play time with a kennel assistant will be set aside each day for your pet.

Rates and Requirements


Daily Rates

$23 per night – Discount 2 dogs per run (1 dog regular rate, 2nd half off)


Drop Off Times

Daily 5-7 PM


Pick Up Times

Daily 8-10AM




  • You must supply your own dog's food in a store-able / seal-able container.
  • Dogs MUST be up-to-date on vaccinations, including rabies, distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough).
  • Dogs must be in good general health and free of ticks and fleas.
  • If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior or severe anxiety, we reserve the right to deny boarding services.